Tredington Primary School


At Tredington children start to learn phonics once they are settled into the Reception class. We follow the DFE Letters and Sounds guidance alongside the LCP scheme of work with adaptations to suit the needs of our children. We use the Jolly Phonics method of teaching sounds as a multi-sensory approach to our lessons.

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Our lessons are lively, engaging and fast paced which we have found to be highly effective in preparing the children. The children are assessed regularly by the teachers, which enables quality first teaching. Alongside the daily phonics teaching, we have a wide range of colour banded reading books for children to take home and read with their parents or 1:1 with a teacher or teaching assistant. 

Children learn in Reception how to read with a partner, how to blend their sounds, how to read 'tricky' words and how to 'segment' sounds to write a word. Eventually, through daily modelling, they learn what a sentence is and how to write one. 

Throughout their time in Year 1, children build on their knowledge to master Phase 5 of Phonics - the fundamental step for many children to become more confident readers.  In June, children sit the national Phonics Screening Check.


Phonics doesn't end in Year 1 - it is developed throughout Year 2 and into Key Stage 2 to support children becoming fluent readers and confident spellers.