Tredington Primary School


Welcome back to the Spring term! 

We had a great first term, with children settling in to the routines of the school very well. This is where you can find information on some of the exciting things we will be getting up to in the Reception classroom this term! 


Communication and Language                                                                    Literacy 

In Literacy sessions we will be continuing to develop our language skills. Children are given lots of opportunities to share their knowledge and ideas supporting them to talk confidently in front of a group.  

We are now well on our way through our Phonics journey and will be learning our Phase 3 sounds this term. We will also be learning 'tricky words' in our phonics, which are words that cannot be sounded out using phonics (for example the). Reading books continue to be linked to phonics knowledge and ability, and it remains as important as ever for you to read regularly at home with your children (every day would be brilliant!)

Through our Talk for Writing learning this term we will be exploring the texts The Gingerbread Man and Mr Wolf's Pancakes. We will also read and explore other Traditional Tales and children will be encouraged to think about similarities between them as they retell them in their own way. 

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Physical Development 

We continue to have lots of opportunities to enhance our physical development in the Reception classroom. We are now doing 'Chair Yoga' to start our day to help build our core strength- which will help with out writing. We also enjoy exploring the Trim Trail during break and lunch times. 

In our PE sessions with Ms Thorpe we are now exploring ball skills and working on our coordination. In our Thursday PE sessions we exploring Dance.

We will not be doing Forest School on a Friday this term as we allow the Forest School area a little time to recover. 


Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

We have been working hard to get to know our different emotions and recognise the way they might feel. We have worked as a class to create a toolkit of things we can do if we are feeling negatively (this could be that we are feeling sad, angry or worried)  and we have a special area in our class where we can go to support with this. We have been exploring the book 'The Colour Monster' to support us with this. This term we will start to think about other people's feelings and the impact we can have on them, while continuing to work on moderating our own feelings. We will also be working on becoming resilient learners who persevere even in the face of a challenge. 


Our focus in Maths continues to be for the children to become secure and confident with their numbers and the way the number system works. Over this term we will continue focussing on a number a fortnight moving from 5-10. Within our explorations we will explore the composition of the number, using the part-part-whole method, and explore shapes linked with the number. We will also look more at patterns, shape and measure.    

Understanding the World 

This term we will be learning all about Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and Mothering Sunday. Linked to our learning on the Gingerbread Man and around Pancake Day we will have a go at some baking and cooking. Through observation and exploration we will begin to understand the effects of changing seasons on the natural world. We have already explored melting ice linked to our learning on 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Can You Hear?' but it would be great to get to explore snow too! As we share the story of the Three Little Pigs we will think about different types of homes we live in while also looking at the differences between homes in the past and now.   

Expressive Arts and Design


Children are encouraged to express themselves creatively using a variety of media, for example painting, collage, music, song and dance. Over this term we will explore making Chinese Lanterns as well as having a go at designing our own homes, think about which materials we think will be best for them! We will also be exploring our artist for this term Pablo Picasso.