Tredington Primary School


All GLA schools we use a strategy called 'Talk 4 Writing' to immerse children in their writing.  Talk 4 Writing is a nationally recognised method for teaching children to write, developed by former Children's Laureate Pie Corbett and you can find out more about it here.

Talk 4 Writing is a process which follows the notion that if you can't say a sentence, you won't be able to write it. In these lessons, children are taught to write a wide range of non-fiction texts, as well as narratives, poetry and drama. 

Each text type is introduced and explored, looking at its key features and structures as well as its associated vocabulary. The children then learn the text through recital, pictorial prompts, actions, drama or dictation.  They are then supported in the creation of their own innovations of the text before going on to independently apply their learning from the journey gone.

Other areas of the Writing National Curriculum which are given additional focus in the weekly timetable are spellings and mastering cursive handwriting.  These are fundamental elements to becoming a successful writer and areas parents and carers can always support with at home.



Y2 National Curriculum Spellings can be found here

Y3-4 National Curriculum Spellings can be found here

Y5-6 National Curriculum Spellings can be found here