Tredington Primary School

Year 5/6

Year 5/6 

Welcome to our Year 5/6 webpage. 

I will be updating it regularly with photos and information, but please ring the office if you can not find the answers you need.

This is a very exciting year as the children are given so many extra responsibilities being the eldest (and most sensible!) children in our school. The Year 6 children absolutely love the fact they get to sit on benches in the hall during assemblies and are paired up on a rota to fulfil many roles such as ICT monitors for assembly, sports and playground monitors, library monitors and many more! 

Teachers and TA's: 

Mr Thomas: Class teacher 

Mrs Herbst: Class TA 

Miss Weaver: Class TA and 1:1 

Miss Coffey: Class TA and 1:1 

Mr Lake: PPA (Tuesday and Wednesday) 

Useful information: 

PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure your child comes into school in their uniform and brings the appropriate kit for indoor PE as well as something warm if we go outside for the lesson. This term we are doing Real PE during our indoor session, therefore the appropriate kit is essential. 

Jewellery, wrist-bands etc. are not allowed for safety reasons. Make-up and nail varnish are also not allowed. Earrings must be taped over. Appropriate footwear is essential 


In Year 5 & 6, the children will be having two handwriting sessions per week focusing on letter and number formation. Every child can earn themselves a pen licence by producing consistently joined handwriting across every subject. 

For our writing lessons, we follow the Talk for Writing principles which involve a baseline assessment and planning - 'cold' task, the imitation phase, the innovation phase and finally the Independent application and invention - 'hot' task. This term we will be working on a Non Chronological Report, a warning story, a discussion text and a portal story. 



Year 5 & 6 have three main spelling sessions every week. These sessions focus on a particular spelling rule or misconceptions like homophones. In the summer term we will be looking at the following rules: 

  • -cian, -ce or -se, ‘shun’ sound, -sure and -ture, words which are often confused including homophones

We are also spending time learning the Year 5 spelling words. Most Fridays, we do a 55 Club spelling test on these words. If the children can spell all 55 words correctly they become part of the 55 Club and receive a prize. These words form the spelling part of our weekly homework and can be seen below. 




Year 5 & 6 are given lots of opportunities to read throughout the week. We have daily Reciprocal Reading sessions which focus on inference and unpicking the vocabulary from a variety of texts. Every morning, we have quiet reading time where the class can read their own book or a book they have chosen from our school library. Each child will have a yellow reading record to bring home and have in school. These are to sign and comment whenever your child reads at home or in school. 



The most important thing you can do to support your child this year in maths, is to help them learn all their times tables off by heart. This will speed up their numeracy skills incredibly and boost their confidence enormously. Please chant them as often as you can, firing questions to ensure they are secure.

Encourage them to play 'TTRockstars' at home too.

Every Friday we do a '99 Club' times tables test. The children all start on the 11 Club and move up to the next when they get full marks for two weeks in a row. The name of the club they are on corresponds with how many questions they have to answer in the two minutes. Your child will know which club they are on and the picture below shows which tables they need to know for their club. 

Daily lessons – Learning journey    

Measurement – converting metric and imperial units of measure

Time – Telling the time, working out differences and interpreting time tables

Addition and subtraction using formal written methods

Multiplication and Division using formal written methods

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages revision

Geometry - properties of shapes

Perimeter, Area and Volume

Maths Facts – daily

Factors, multiples and primes

Times Tables

Place value


Our theme for this term is 'Crime and Punishment'

Science - Electricity and circuits 

RE - For Christians, what kind of king is Jesus?

How does faith help people when life gets hard?

PSHCE - Being safe – What does it mean to keep a secret?

Online relationships – the difference between appropriate and inappropriate contact

First Aid

Changes in the adolescent body 


We look forward to seeing friends and family on our Welcome Wednesday mornings, where the children can share their learning with you. As always, please do not hesitate to contact either myself, the office or catch us in the playground, if you have any concerns.

Mr Thomas