Tredington Primary School

Accessibility Information

The introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in 2005 placed a mandatory obligation on all premises offering public access in England and Wales to provide easy access to all parts of its premises for people with disabilities. This must be done wherever it is reasonably practicable but the Act does recognise that full access is not always reasonably achieveable in older existing buildings.

We have always been committed to making our school as accessible as possible, both to visitors to the school and also to the children who come here, irrespective of their differing needs.

Our school consists of 5 separate buildings. The first is a two storey Victorian building with a recently refurbished hall. The other buildings are single storey porta cabins. The site is on a low incline. To make our building accessible we have made the following provisions:-

  • The changes in level are made accessible with ramps to the main doors of each outdoor classroom the main building is accessible by doors to the hall and off the playground.  The main front door is not accessible for wheelchairs and cannot be changed due to the construction of the building - staff are happy to arrange access by an alternative door.
  • We have one marked parking bay for visitors in possession of a blue badge in front of the main school building.
  • We have a large accessible hygiene suite with hoist for use by visitors or pupils where necessary. An additional accessible toilet is available in one of the porta-cabins.
  • Our classroom doors are accessible for wheelchair users. The first floor of the main building is not accessible and cannot be changed due to the construction of the building.
  • Our staff have considerable experience in dealing with children in our school with differing physical needs.

If you are visiting our school and have any specific needs or concerns that have not been addressed here, please phone the School Office on 01684 293617. A member of staff will be happy to help. If you have any feedback for us on accessibility issues we would very much like to hear from you too.