Tredington Primary School

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum at all GLA schools is built around a model for teaching and learning known as Steve's Circles.  This model of assessment-led teaching and learning ensures that all children, regardless of their innate academic ability, are able to unlock their potential.


Prior to teaching any child an area of learning, let's take for example Place Value in maths, the teachers will facilitate an elicitation process to find out what each child already knows about Place Value from the age-related programme of study. 

Teachers then plan a learning journey to ensure each child grasps new concepts and builds new knowledge over the series of Place Value lessons.

Elicitation and planning ensure the pitch for each child is accurate - teachers are then responsible for ensuring the delivery of the learning is fun and engaging, ensuring no child is bored or bewildered.

During and after every lessons, teachers and their teaching partners monitor, assess and feedback on the learning to ensure it is fluid.  Individual children move through the learning journey at their own pace, ensuring learning is scaffolded and accelerated in the necessary moments. 

On completing a learning journey, teachers will complete some form of post-unit elicitation to understand what new knowledge has been secured and retained.

It is typical for units of the core curriculum in GLA schools to repeat themselves throughout the academic year.  Keeping with our Place Value example. children will cover two or three learning journeys on Place Value throughout an academic year.  

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