Tredington Primary School

MFL (French)

Learning a foreign language is part of the primary National Curriculum and is a requirement for all children within key stage 2.


Our aim is to develop the confidence of every child as they learn French. We want them to be passionate, curious and confident about learning a foreign language and about other countries and cultures. 

At Tredington, we develop in the five key language skills necessary for learning Spanish:

 · Speaking

· Listening

· Reading

· Writing

· Grammar

We aim to ensure that pupils develop solid foundations in these key language learning skills - properly preparing them for the next stage of their language learning journey. These skills will develop children’s ability to understand what they hear and read and enable them to express themselves in speech and writing. We will extend their knowledge of how language works and explore the similarities and differences between French and English. We will also help strengthen their sense of identity through learning about culture in other countries and comparing it with their own.

Our approach to language teaching and learning is in line with the recommendations of the National Curriculum and the requirements outlined in the Department for Education Languages Programme of Study for Key Stage 2.

French Curriculum Statement of Intent

French Curriculum Overview