Tredington Primary School

Religious Education

At Tredington,  we follow the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2017 – 2024. It is our intent that children will learn about and from a range of religions and world views. Through mutual respect, tolerance of others’ views and exposure to different religious views, pupils will gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the modern world in which they live. Children are provided with enriching opportunities to visit places of worship, and engage with visitors in order to develop a deeper understanding of religions within our community.

Our RE curriculum is designed to engage and enthuse learners whilst nurturing their understanding and awareness of belonging and diversity. RE is an essential area of study which ensures that children are well prepared for life in a world where there are a multitude of viewpoints.  We enable our children to make their own informed decisions and to have the aspiration and confidence to voice their views.  It is a subject for all pupils, whatever their own family background, personal beliefs and practices.

Religious Education Curriculum Statement of Intent

Religious Education Curriculum Overview