Tredington Primary School


Hello, and a warm welcome to a new school year. We are very much looking forward to continuing the children's learning journey across the whole curriculum.

Who's Who?

Miss Kempster and Miss Lees are the class teachers. Miss Vallender, Miss Coffey and Mrs Parrott are supporting the class this year.  

What's happening in class?

This Term, we will have outdoor P.E on a Monday and Friday and Forest School on a Tuesday. Please ensure that your child has a named P.E kit (blue/navy shorts, navy/blue sweatshirt, a white T-shirt, trainers/pumps for outdoors) in school. Children should wear suitable outdoor, long-sleeved clothes for Forest School. Jewellery, wrist-bands etc. are not allowed for safety reasons. Make-up and nail varnish are also not allowed. Please send tape into school as earrings must be taped over. Appropriate footwear is essential. 

What are we learning this term?


We will start every English lesson with GPS warm-up, where we will be looking at specific grammar, punctuation and spelling tasks linked to our learning journey.

Throughout the year, children will be immersed in novels and various text types which will enable them to write their own fiction and non-fiction texts.



In Year 2, we will be continuing with the ELS approach to learn the Year Two curriculum spelling rules. This will mirror what they have previously been exposed to. In Year 3 and 4, children will follow a learning journey during sessions and be given multiple opportunities to practise and apply these rules throughout the curriculum.




At Tredington, we want all children to love reading! Based on the novels we are reading in class, we will be unpicking language and answering questions based on these. We will be using VIPERS (vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarise) strands during these sessions whilst exploring the text. As well as our Guided Reading sessions, children will have daily opportunities to read independently, with an adult or with a peer.

Children will be reading their own books, selected for them based on their levels, every day at school and we encourage children to read every night at home to support them with their reading fluency. We use 'Accelerated Reader' to test children on books they have read, where they achieve points to reach their personal targets. Children should be reading daily at home. We also listen to children at least three times a week at school. 



At the beginning of each maths unit, the children will complete elicitations which support us to plan learning activities that are tailored to individual needs. The maths topics that we will be focussing on in the Autumn term are: • Place Value • Formal Written Methods: Addition and Subtraction • Formal Written Methods: Multiplication and Division • Measure: Length and Perimeter • Position and Direction During each lesson, children will spend 5 minutes completing a ‘Fluent in 5’ activity, which consists of arithmetic questions about topics that have already been covered. We will also be challenging children with reasoning and problem solving questions.


Encourage them to play 'TTRockstars' at home too. This is especially important in Year 4 because all children will complete a multiplication assessment in the Summer Term which will include all times tables up to 12 x 12.



Year Two will be exploring their local area, asking questions and making predictions on how and why things have changed in the area. They will be looking at different sources to compare how things have changed over time. Years 3 and 4 will be learning about Roman Britain. During these lessons, they will look at famous people and places of Roman Britain and their significance to use today.



Children will be learning about Animals Including Humans and Living Things and their Habitats. During this unit, children will be exploring, questioning and investigating what makes something living. We will be exploring different habitats and how animals are adapted to suit these habitats as well as our impact on them. We will be exploring how we keep healthy and why this is important for our bodies.



During Autumn 1, we will be looking at recognising feelings and emotions on ourselves and others. We will be thinking about how people might show these feelings in different ways and how we can support them.



This term, we will be exploring the following questions:

‘Who is a Muslim and how do they live?’

‘What is the trinity and why is it important for Christians?’


In the Summer term, we will also be teaching children a range of skills during computing, art, D.T, music and French.

 Welcome Wednesday!

We are really looking forward to welcoming you in for our Welcome Wednesday's this year, where you will get the opportunity to work alongside your child and see the hard work they have been producing in school. We are also looking forward to some exciting school trips and extra-curricular opportunities which will be happening over the exciting year ahead! 

If you have any questions or would like to find out any more information regarding Autumn Term in Y2/3/4, please do not hesitate to contact the school or find us at the beginning or end of the day.

 Miss Lees and Miss Kempster



Helpful Website Links 

If you have access to an electronic device then there are lots of helpful websites below which you can use to do some different learning:

Your child is familiar with using Education City in school, which is an absolutely fantastic website for English, Maths and Science, which school subscribes to each year. It requires an individual username and password (which your child knows & uses in school). Click here to log in.

TT Rockstars is the tool we have invested in to help children learn their times tables in a fun and modern way.  Your child has their own personalised login.  Click here to access the website.

A few websites linked to Reading

BBC – KS2 Bitesize – Home
This has links to all subjects for primary school aged children with areas to learn and revise. It has areas with explanations and definitions and videos to support learning.

Punctuation, English Games for 7-11 Years – Topmarks
Trapped – Punctuation. Three punctuation games where you need to punctuate paragraphs and sentences to gain the Key of Freedom to escape from the tower.

Thinkuknow – home
Guide to internet safety and safe surfing for young people from Think U Know. Learn about online safety when using blogs, chatting, online gaming and other forms of online communication

Crickweb | KS2 Literacy
Free Interactive Primary or Elementary Key Stage 2 ages 6-11 years, Literacy and English Teacher Resources and fun Kids Games. English learning as a second language.

Home Page :
Finding your home on NRICH. We have homes for students of different ages, teachers and parents/carers. The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners.

Planets For Kids – Solar System Facts and Astronomy
Welcome to Planets for Kids I really hope you enjoy the information that I have provided on this website. You will find lots of information about our solar system.

National Geographic Kids
National Geographic Kids explores the fascinating world we live in. Have loads of fun discovering incredible facts and information.

Woodlands Homework Help 

Woodlands site has different zones for some foundation subjects (History, Geography, RE, Art and Science) and core subjects (English and Maths). Different topics can be explored too